About Us

With the advancement of IT technology, e-commerce business with the Internet is changing the world.
Amazon, a role model of e-commerce, has affected all industries and even influenced a small deli shop. All businesses that do not respond to this trend will be culled or hardened.
The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in 2016 declared that only companies with ERP systems in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will survive.

Until now, ERP systems were the only systems that could be operated by large corporations. Because it is a system that requires huge amounts of money and manpower, it is a solution that small businesses and retailers can not even dream about.

The ERP integrated management system, which has been prepared for a long time since the anticipation of the advent of the 4th industry era, was the first with ERP system. The business model of ERPXMIS (www.erpxmis.com) is a platform business model that provides ERP system to all business people, including a very small business.

Starting with the dry cleaners ERP platform, ERPXMIS will continue to provide a complete, real-time, integrated management ERP system for all industries including Deli, Restaurant, CPA, Construction, Golf, Film, and so on.
The ERP system provided by ERPXMIS provides an open market platform for doing business not only in the area where you reside, but also for business around the world.

Four billion people are connected to the Internet and real-time communications, and companies are demanding new changes.
Companies that can not adapt to this new change are disappearing.
Will it disappear or survive in the wave of new industrial revolution?
It will be an answer to whether the enterprise has succeeded in ERP deployment.
Small businesses and retailers must build an ERP to survive.

ERPXMIS has 30 years of experience know-how and a regular program that helps companies operate ERP systems for their survival.